our kids


Preston is the oldest of the three siblings. Preston has had to take on a lot more responsible around the house. He has really stepped up and taken on the challenge.

To the Christmas Elves that have adopted our family, please see below where we are in our journey......

Sadly, we have now been on the journey for 3+ years and have had to continue to adjust/readjust to our new normal and take each curve ball this diagnosis throws our way, which is so unfortunate for all families battling this disease. Living a life in fear of relapse, and continuously battling this disease isn’t something any child and their family should ever have to adjust to. However, Gaige’s cancer diagnosis does not and will not define him. His bravery, strength, and courage does! With each new day comes new strength and new thoughts. We face the reality of Gaige’s diagnosis with determination that he will be able to fulfill his dream, play baseball and live his best life just like all children should! Like other children his age, Gaige still swings his bat on the field, but dreams of cancer not ever removing him from on the baseball field and great outdoors again. He faces challenges each day that most grown adults will never have to face in a lifetime. 99% of the time I only share the “good” of Gaige’s journey with childhood cancer. I do this because it’s our mission to stay positive and to let good days stay in the front of our minds to keep us focused! I refuse to let him feel defeated as giving up will never be an option here. The past 3 years have held some of the darkest moments of our entire life, but it has also opened up many doors for my son and has allowed us to create some of the most fondest memories together with him as a family! Watching my child go through hell and not being able to do ANYTHING about it hurts more than words will ever say, but we will WIN. Cancer is real life for Gaige and many other children and their families, and it’s unacceptable. I hope our story touches your hearts the same way it has mine. I hope it also allows you to find the good in every day and let it outweigh the bad. We share our story because it has and will continue to touch many of the lives around us. I can’t thank you all enough for all the love and support. Gaige’s story isn’t over yet. He’s going to be victorious and we are excited to share it with all of you! Gaige has plowed through treatment, battled with grace, and has been an inspiration to many of those surrounding him. It is very unfortunate that Gaige’s Cancer has been resistant to standard chemotherapy, the CAR-T cell therapy that we did in Philadelphia was deemed unsuccessful, BUT he continues to fight with a smile on his face and has been living his best life the best way we know how with the cards he has been dealt. He has been in many desperate situations, keeping the face of hope while solely relying on his faith throughout this entire journey. He is in remission, However, he is still considered a high risk patient for relapsing again since his leukemia was considered resistant and had a relapse in July of 2018. Those thoughts scare me each day. Christmas is one of our most favorite Holidays yet this year will again be another struggle. Just a short time ago Gaige was admitted for almost a week after several trips to the pediatric ER when they finally discovered that he had a ruptured appendix which meant he needed emergency surgery. Once he was discharged, a week later he then had salmonella and we were back in the ER again. This doesn’t include the regular visits for chemotherapy infusions. The last few weeks it has felt like he just could not catch a break. As of right now we are counting down to the last lumbar puncture of Gaige’s chemotherapy regimen and are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel as we continue our journey to the finish line. As exciting as it is for us, it is also very scary as all those questions take over my mind asking if he had enough chemo, worry what will cover him now to keep the cancer away, will his liver repair from the damage chemotherapy has caused…. So many questions and tons of worry. However, while I may be worried, I know that Gaige is super excited to finish this and he’s going to finish strong. He is expected to complete treatment on December 31, 2021!! He’s excited to start 2022 chemo free and cancer free! With that being said, with treatment ending so so close to Christmas, we truly want this to be the most magical Christmas of all!!

If I could explain in words how much it means to me that you all are going to dedicate your time, love, and generosity, and open your hearts for my family I would. There’s simply just no words to express our gratitude. Thank you sometimes just doesn’t seem sufficient enough for heartfelt gestures such as this, but we are blessed beyond words to have you help our family this year and are so very thankful. It’s so hard to admit our struggles, but the truth is that even while Gaige is still battling leukemia and almost at the end of treatment, the stressors that come along with this are almost unbearable. With financial burdens such as this, and the worry of trying to always make ends meet is always there. To know that you are willing to help our family again this year means more to me than I could ever put into words. I’ve said it before and I will say it again that, It’s been said a time or two that whoever says winning isn’t everything clearly has never battled cancer and Gaige is here to win and with the help of all of our supporters. Please know that kids can’t fight cancer alone and neither can their families! This holiday season may be tough again this year, but I am yet again claiming a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE with the help of you!! Gaige is expected to complete cancer treatment December 31, 2021, our motto this holiday season is "TIS THE SEASON FOR A MIRACLE" Without all of you, the stress of gifts for Christmas would be a bigger burden.

Thank you all again from the deepest part of my heart.