our kids


He is my tarzan, very energetic kid that was born at 25 weeks and almost died but God said it was not his time yet.

Dear Donors,

I would like to begin by saying thank you for that you do for Cancer families. This journey that we have been on has been an emotional roller coaster especially for Noah.

Noah had been struggling with what we thoughts was migraines for about 1.5 years. They were getting worse and more frequent with vomiting and at time being unbalance. At the beginning of July of 2020, he was having a hard time holding his head up, we could not figure it out. After 3 days of having a hard time of staying awake and eating, we took him to the emergency room on July 26th. They decided to give him a CAT scan. After the CAT scan, two doctors came in and told me the helicopter was on its ways to get Noah to take him to MUSC for emergency surgery due to a 4cm masse in the lower back of his head.

I had a moment when I almost broke down and Noah asked why I was crying and that’s when I knew I had to get it together and stay strong. I had to make difficult calls to the family and did not know how I was going to tell my husband who has stage 4 dementia. I was glad my sister was there when I had to break the news to my family at home. Noah dad Benny did not handle it well and had a nervous breakdown. I also had to make calls to Noah’s adult brothers and sister that lived in Florida and Massachusetts. They also did not take it well and started to cry. It was hard to have to console them over the phone. I knew our lives would never ne the same and I thought is my son going to die.

Noah did not understand what was going on and I kept the information minimal until I was able to comprehend what was going on. I stayed with him until the helicopter arrived which was hard leaving his side not knowing if that was the last time I was going to see him and then I had an 1.5 hour drive to Charleston which I could not leave at that moment as I had to go to my house to check on everyone to ensure they were somewhat good. It was hard being strong for them as I wanted to break down too but since I am the rock of the family it is expected of me to keep everyone on point.

When I finally arrived at MUSC, Noah was already intubated and was informed due to the fluids in his brain that they could not do surgery and had to wait until it drained. They had already drilled a hole on the top of his head. My heart crushed again seeing my son Noah like that and feeling helpless and overwhelmed with all the doctors talking to me and trying to explain to me what some things I should expect.

On July 29th he had the surgery and the doctors felt it was successfully but there were some concerns as the microscopic cells were embedded in his brain. They also found that the tumor in his head was an aggressive stage 4 tumor. On August 6th is when the cancer doctor called me to tell me that it was in fact cancer and was diagnosed with medulloblastoma a reoccurring tumor.

Now I knew I had to sit with the family and tell them the results. I sat with my children Variana age 12 at the time, Isaiah age 17 and Treston age 27 what was going on. They all cried and even Noah. Noah was scared because of the word cancer but did not understand. How do you explain this to a kid? Treston took it the hardest and it stressed me out as he has served depression and suicidal something, I have been dealing with for years with him at a young age. Varian holds her emotion in like I do which worries me and Isaiah just became withdrawn.

The doctors explained the treatment process as Noah was going to start with Radiation and some chemo treatment. On August 31st was going to be the first day of treatment and both Nah and I would be gone for 6 weeks staying in a hotel. It was scary cause I just started a new job 2 months before, there were a lot of uncertainties, bills, food, rent, would I have a job to come back to, etc.

During those 6 weeks Noah struggle and went thru loss of appetite, hair and could not pass his bowels. Seeing Noah get smaller and fragile was not easy. He also was not handling it as he wanted to give up and said he had expressed that he wanted to die, why him and cried a lot.

On October 12th we were able to come home, the whole family was happy and overjoyed. The brothers and sister were finally together. We are a family of 10 and a very close family. With only 3 minors left living at home with me. Variana and Isaiah had to step up and help take care of their dad and deal with going to school. November 9th Noah starts chemo and there will be 4 days hospital stays every few weeks for the next 9 months. I am so not ready for this and I am nervous because his brothers and sister will see him struggle as we will be home during this process vs the hotel.

Your donation will be a great help as well as a blessing. I was wondering what kind of Christmas I would be giving them this year as I will be missing more work time. I am a very prideful person and not good at asking for help but I feel for the first time I just can’t do it or have the energy to make miracles happen. I feel embarrassed a little about getting assistance but I just want my kids to have some normalcy, not struggle as much as they all deserve it.

I am not good at writing what my needs are for me and my family but I definitely can tell you, we have a long haul ahead of us and I am not sure how much longer I can keep it together for my family.

Thank you and I am very grateful for people like you,
Katherine (mom), Benny (dad), Noah (my sick baby), Variana and Isaiah