our kids


Mya’s road to recovery has put her through multiple chemotherapies, Radiation, surgeries, bone marrow transplants, and immunotherapies to battle her Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

As of October 24th 2021, we are two years from the day our youngest daughter, Mya was given the amazing news that she was N.E.D (No Evidence of Disease). It's been a long road of multiple chemotherapies, Radiation, surgeries, bone marrow transplants, and immunotherapies to battle her Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, but we are fortunate to be in remission at this point. Maya is growing like a weed and loving being able to be a "normal" kid again. This year is her first year in preschool and she is having a lot of fun being able to go to school like her two older sisters. My wife and I cannot believe that in a matter of months, Mya will be able to stop taking her maintenance medicine (DFMO). Though life will never be "normal" for Mya and our family, it is nice to have had a sense of normalcy return to us these past two years. The normalcy can be fleeting at times, particularly when Mya has her periodic scans, where the doctors take full body images to be sure the cancer has not returned. Scan days are always a bit of a mixed bag full of emotions for our family because we know that in a moment our lives can change yet again. My wife and I believe that this has a lot to do with the anxiety attacks our oldest daughter Natalya struggles with from time to time. As a maturing young adult, I think she understands the reality of her sibling's diagnosis, but struggles to cope with it at the same time. Even my wife and I have a hard time coping with some of the things we've been through with Maya and the challenges we've yet to face. Our middle child, Aryah, seems to handle her sister's diagnosis pretty well though even she understands the harsh reality that cancer can be a death sentence, which is why we are constantly counting our blessings particularly now that Maya is N.E.D. and we pray everyday that she stays that way.

Courageous Kidz, among other organizations, have been amazing to our family and numerous families that are going through similar hardships. It's through the support of these organizations that families like ours can worry less about the normal everyday stressors and really focus on what's the most important, our family. The support we have had from family, friends, and charitable organizations has been and continues to be essential to our family and we cannot express our gratitude enough.

As I mentioned earlier, Mya is enjoying her first year of preschool, while our oldest is now a high schooler. Natalya is 14 now and a Freshman in highschool (we still cannot believe how much she has grown). She is taking several advanced courses with upperclassmen and even some college credits. She continues to play travel soccer and was fortunate enough to make the Charleston Soccer Club DPL team in her age group. Our middle daughter Aryah is nine and is nearly out of elementary school as she is in the fourth grade this year. Much like her older sister, Natalya, she too is excelling in her classes and seems to have a knack for Mathematics. She too enjoys playing travel soccer and is currently playing for the top Surf team in her age group. In fact, her team is currently undefeated and we couldn’t be prouder of all her effort and determination. She even scored her first goal this year in one of her tournament games. Last but certainly not least, our brave little warrior Maya will be turning five soon and is constantly asking us when she can play soccer like her big sisters (not sure we are ready to try to be in three places at one time yet...). We promised her that she could play in the spring since Natalya's club season will be over and she will only have her highschool team at that point (far less travel involved...). My wife and I are convinced that Maya will probably surpass both sisters in her soccer abilities as she is constantly kicking the ball around with them and really looks up to her two older sisters.

2021 seems to be a bit of a continuation of the craziness that 2020 brought, but we seem to be getting into a routine that works for us. We are so thankful for Maya remaining disease free and are enjoying life to its fullest. So, from the Hahn family we would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and happy new year!!