our kids


Exodus is Brian’s youngest sister, only 3 months at the moment. She is quiet, but she does have a personality I see

Thank you for being kind, and a blessing to our family this Christmas. We have four children. Three of which are little ones who will be very excited on Christmas morning. Brian Jr is five years old. Brian Jr was born premature and diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy in Columbia, SC. He came to MUSC as a one month old and later received a heart transplant. It's been said that a transplant is not a cure, but it's trading one problem for another set of problems. To me it's a second chance of life. A chance for my boy to smile, a blessing. He went on to be diagnosed with PTLD ( post transplant lymphoma disease). You helping us will bless us because financially we haven't been able to do a lot. There are things particularly Jr could use to help him therapeutically. ( Walking, Eating, Speech etc). Our third child McKenzie has been a blessing to our family. She is Jr's very first friend. For a while he was alone. We don't have people to do playdates with and he's never been to daycare. Now with the pandemic and staying safe we are glad to have siblings who have helped him socially. Also having someone to play and learn with has helped him a lot. Providing for four children can become financially difficult at times so thank you so very much for blessing us.

With Love and Gratitude, The Sumter Family