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Antrone (June June)

June June was diagnosed with Acute lymphoma leukemia (ALL) in June of 2020.

Hello! Antrone Jones Jr. known as June June is now 3 years old! June June was diagnosed in June of 2020 with Leukemia ALL. With his diagnosis, it was tough financially, emotionally and physically. We went through multiple hospital visits, tantrums, lots of medicines, and the overall experience of seeing our son go through the pain has been very hard. It was not easy but has been much better with the wonderful help from MUSC workers, a great support system and others like you who have helped us through this journey. June June is still going to appointments at MUSC for his chemotherapy. We are so appreciative for the help from people like you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts! This truly helps and uplifts some stress off us with the holidays coming up. Thank you so much!!