our kids

Annie Mae

Annie is the older sister to Milo, she is a fun-loving and courageous little girl who always has her brother's best interest in mind!

Annie, at 9 years old, has been forced to face the harsh realities of life. Just a mere two weeks prior to her little brother being diagnosed, her cousin/our nephew passed away at 2 months old from SIDS. She struggled with the concept that children could die, then when Milo was diagnosed she feared for her little brother’s life. She knew he had cancer, she knew her great grandmother had died from cancer. She asked us if Milo would die like her, like Tadd (her cousin). She had to adapt to me (her mother) being gone with her brother all of the time while he was at appointments or inpatient. She was unable to go to friend’s houses, friend’s birthday parties, or even school at times in order to protect her brother. She never once complained. She always put her brother before herself. She has displayed more empathy and compassion than many adults are capable of. She truly is the best super sibling.

Milo’s Story

Milo was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 2. He endured 3 years of chemotherapy and overcame countless complications and obstacles. We watched as our spunky, full of life little boy fought the biggest battle of his life. We watched as his hair fell out, as he woke up each morning and threw up, we watched as he battled himself during steroid pulses – the rage and emotions he dealt with. We watched as his childhood was stripped away from him. Regardless of his struggles, he smiled through it all. He had countless inpatient stays, some of which resulted in staying for weeks at a time. He developed complications from one of his chemo’s that caused his blood sugar to drop, dropping so low, resulting in him being unresponsive in the mornings despite all of our attempts to check sugars overnight and provide snacks. He finished treatment within the last year and we are yet again reminded that cancer is a life sentence. No longer on chemo, his sugars have dropped dangerously low and we are reminded that although his treatment is done the effects from the harsh chemo has just started to rear its head. We have been immensely blessed to have found Flash and Courageous Kidz, they have become family to us and continue to lift us up, support us and remind us that we are never alone in this fight.